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Table 1 Weekly releases and rates of biological control agents in biological greenhouses and pesticides application in chemical greenhouse and their rates, in tomato winter plantation 2018–2019

From: Impact of combine releases of the egg parasitoid, Trichogramma euproctidis (Girault) and the entomopathogenic nematode, Heterorhabditis bacteriophora to control Tuta absoluta (Meyrick) in tomato greenhouses in Egypt

WeekBiological controlChemical control
2--Vertimec 1.8% EC25 cm/100 l
3--Micronized Sulfur250gm/100 l
5T. euproctidis50 parasitoids/m2Mospilan 20% SP25gm/100 l
6H. bacteriophora100 IJs/mlVertimec 1.8% EC + micronized sulfur100 cm/100 l + 250gm/100 l
7T. euproctidis50 parasitoids/m2  
8H. bacteriophora100 IJs/mlMospilan 20% SP25gm/100 l
9T. euproctidis50 parasitoids/m2Mospilan 20% SP25gm/100 l
10H. bacteriophora100 IJs/ml  
11T. euproctidis50 parasitoids/m2Vertimec 1.8% EC100 cm/100 l
12H. bacteriophora100 IJs/ml  
13T. euproctidis50 parasitoids/m2Vertimec 1.8% EC100 cm/100 l
14H. bacteriophora100 IJs/ml  
15T. euproctidis50 parasitoids/m2  
16H. bacteriophora100 IJs/ml  
17T. euproctidis50 parasitoids/m2