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Table 8 Siftings from protozoan-infected cultures of Laemophloeus turcicus beetles as a potent source of natural mortalities in their populations

From: Productivity, pathogenicity, host range, and spore mass-propagation of local strain of Mattesia sp. isolated from insect cadavers of certain stored grain pests in Egypt

Treatment (gm siftings per 100 g crushed maize grain% Mortality among laemophloeus beetles due to the entomopathogenic protozoan, Mattesia (M), or Adelina (A) at indicated days post-treatment
0.0 (control)4*
0.1%2 (M)4 (M)4 (M)4 (M)4 (M)4 (M)4 (M)4 (M)4 (M)4 (M)
  1 (A)1 (A)1 (A)1 (A)1 (A)1 (A)1 (A)1 (A)1 (A)
1%3 (M)4 (M)5 (M)6 (M)7 (M)7 (M)7 (M)7 (M)7 (M)7 (M)7 (M)
10%13(M)16 (M)19 (M)22 (M)30 (M)38 (M)44 (M)46 (M)50 (M)53 (M)68 (M)
7 (A)8 (A)8 (A)8 (A)8 (A)9 (A)21 (A)31 (A)39 (A)41 (A)42 (A)
  1. *Protozoan free natural mortality