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Table 4 Propagation of Mattesia sp. isolated from Laemophloeus turcicus adults in alternate larger insects at indicated inocula and days post-treatment

From: Productivity, pathogenicity, host range, and spore mass-propagation of local strain of Mattesia sp. isolated from insect cadavers of certain stored grain pests in Egypt

Insect host
(larvae of 7–10-day-old)
Infection rate (%) at indicated inocula (in gm)* and days post-treatment
0.01 g0.02 g0.03 g0.04 g0.05 g0.2 g
Plodia interpunctella197/500(39)23/50 (46) 29/50 (58) 667/750 (89)
Spodoptera littoralis (larvae of 2–3-day-old)0/150 (0)0/150 (0)0/150 (0)0/150 (0)0/150 (0)0/150 (0)
Tenebrio molitor0/200 (0)    0/200 (0)
Galleria mellonella0/100 (0)    7/100 (7)
  1. *Powdered cadavers (in gm) of L. turcicus-Mattesia-infected adults per 10 g crushed maize grain (or 10 g beewax for G. mellonella) or 100 ml Ringer solution for S. littoralis-treatments. 0.01 g of L. turcicus-powdered cadavers (100 cadavers) carried ca. 1.5 × 108 Mattesia spores