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Table 2 Range of spore counts and their estimated increases (folds) per Mattesia-infected host relative to those of Laemophloeus turcicus

From: Productivity, pathogenicity, host range, and spore mass-propagation of local strain of Mattesia sp. isolated from insect cadavers of certain stored grain pests in Egypt

Insect pestMattesia spore count (range) per adult, larva, or pupaRange of estimated increases (folds) in spore counts relative to L. turcicus
Plodia interpunctella larvae0.76–23.6 × 107 spores13–79-fold
P. interpunctella pupa1.20–1.7 × 107 spores6–20-fold
P. interpunctella moth0.96–1.8 × 107 spores6–16-fold
Galleria mellonella larvae1.20–1.5 × 107 spores5–20-fold
Rhyzopertha dominica adult0.96–1.2 × 107 spores4–16-fold
Sitophilus zeamais adult0.84–2.40 × 107 spores8–14-fold
Laemophloeus turcicus adult0.06–0.3 × 107 spores