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Table 3 Effect of some bio-agent on biochemical changes of squash plants

From: Evaluation of biological control agents for managing squash powdery mildew under greenhouse conditions

TreatmentPeroxidase (Δ 405. D. × 103/min/g fresh weight)Polyphenol oxidase (O.D. units × 103/min/g fresh weight)Total phenols (μg GAE/g fresh weight)
B. subtilis180.784.350.8
Paenibacillus polymyxa262.3123.748.6
Trichoderma album151.7131.345.7
Trichoderma harzianum179.082.354.6
Trichoderma viride194.3114.075.9
Trichoderma hamatum159.3108.344.9
L.S.D at 5%84.927.611.6