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Table 1 Effect of some bio-agent on spores’ germination of Podosphaera xanthii, in vitro

From: Evaluation of biological control agents for managing squash powdery mildew under greenhouse conditions

TreatmentConcentrationGermination (%)Efficiency (%)
B. subtilis109 cfu12.082.0
Paenibacillus polymyxa109 cfu8.088.0
Trichoderma album107 spores ml−120.369.6
Trichoderma harzianum107 spores ml−119.271.3
Trichoderma viride107 spores ml−113.879.2
Trichoderma hamatum107 spores ml−114.178.9
Topas-1000.25 ml l−10.998.5
L.S.D. at 5% 14.8-