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Table 2 Effect of some fungal isolates on duration in days of some developmental stages of spiny bollworm Earias insulana

From: Biological activities of spores and metabolites of some fungal isolates on certain aspects of the spiny bollworms Earias insulana (Boisd.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

IsolatesLarvaePupaFemale longevityMale longevity
Metarhizium anisopliae s.s.14.41a10.40 cd2.157.785.315.23b14.40bc
Metarhizium anisopliae f14.57b10.59bc2.177.825.3415.33b14.63b
Acremonium s.s.14.59b10.10d2.247.394.8214.45c13.95c
Acremonium f14.93b10.2d2.287.625.3415.24b14.55bc
Paecilomyces variotii s.s.14.60b10.63bc2.157.625.4115.18b14.55bc
Paecilomyces variotii f14.71b10.80b2.287.745.4615.48b14.86b
P0.0004***< 0.0001***nsnsns< 0.0001***0.0005***
LSD0.050.70150.3157   0.610.60
  1. Same letters means non-significant effect while different letters means significant effect
  2. * means significant effect
  3. *** means very highly significant effect