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Table 4 Effect of Bacillus simplex as suspension and/or formulation on volatile oils and fixed oils

From: Potential activities of Bacillus simplex as a biocontrol agent against root rot of Nigella sativa caused by Fusarium camptoceras

TreatmentsVolatile oils (100 gm) seedsFixed oils (100) gm seeds
PHYB10.34 b0.27 b0.7 b0.4 c
PHYB90.32 c0.22 c0.6 c0.9 b
Infected control0.16 d0.13 d0.4 d0.4 c
Healthy control0.38 a0.37 a1.0 a1.0 a
  1. Values in the column followed by a similar letter are not significantly different as determined by the LSD test (P = 0.05)