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Table 3 Effect of Bacillus simplex as suspension and/or formulation on seed production under field conditions in 2015 and 2016 growing seasons

From: Potential activities of Bacillus simplex as a biocontrol agent against root rot of Nigella sativa caused by Fusarium camptoceras

TreatmentsSeed production 2015Seed production 2016
SuspensionFormulationMean of treatmentsSuspensionFormulationMean of treatments
PHYB126.30 b26.42 b18.63b24.83 a31.42 a28.13 a
PHYB927.97 b24.08 b20.00 b31.45 a28.40 a29.92 a
Infected control8.80 c8.80 c48.75 a10.18 b10.18 b10.18 b
Healthy control39.70a39.70 a39.7 b34.20 a34.20 a34.20 a
Mean25.70 a24.75 a 25.16 a26.05 a 
  1. Values in the column followed by a similar letter are not significantly different as determined by the LSD test (P = 0.05)