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Table 2 Effect of Bacillus simplex as suspension and/or formulation on disease severity under field conditions in 2015 and 2016 growing seasons

From: Potential activities of Bacillus simplex as a biocontrol agent against root rot of Nigella sativa caused by Fusarium camptoceras

TreatmentsDisease severity percentage in field 2015Disease severity percentage in field 2016
SuspensionFormulationMean of treatmentsSuspensionFormulationMean of treatments
PHYB126.13 c11.13f18.63 b13.75 b14.75 b14.25 b
PHYB925.63 c14.38 ef20.00 b8.75 bc10.00 bc9.37 b
Infected control58.13 a39.38 b48.75 a49.38 a49.38 a49.38 a
Mean26.73 a16.83 b 17.97 a18.53 a 
  1. Values in the column followed by a similar letter are not significantly different as determined by the LSD test (P = 0.05)