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Table 1 Effect of the application of the tested bioagents and organic amendments on germination percentage and percent disease mortality

From: Utilizing the combined antifungal potential of Trichoderma spp. and organic amendments against dry root rot of mungbean

Treatments% Germinated seeds% Disease mortality% Disease reduction
Trichoderma harzianum76.67d38.33c,d56.36
Trichoderma viride71.67c,d40.00c58.18
Neem cake63.33e41.67c54.54
Mustard cake58.33e,f60.00b34.54
Trichoderma harzianum + neem cake93.33a11.67e,f87.26
Trichoderma harzianum + mustard cake91.67a18.33f80.00
Trichoderma viride + neem cake88.33a,b26.67e70.90
Trichoderma viride + mustard cake81.67b,c28.33d,e69.09
LSD (P ≤ 0.05)4.085.44 
  1. Values of means with different letters within the columns showed the significant difference at (P ≤ 0.05) determined by Tukey’s HSD test.