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Table 2 Mortality of green peach aphid in conidial and filtrate applications

From: Pathogenicity of some entomopathogenic fungal strains to green peach aphid, Myzus persicae Sulzer (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Treatments% Mortality of green peach aphid in
Conidial application afterFiltrate application after
3 days6 days10 days3 days6 days10 days
Beauveria bassiana, (BB-72)10.00 ab50.00 fg92.50 ij15.00 abc60.00 g87.50 hij
B. bassiana, (BB-252)7.50 ab25.00 cd85.00 hij10.00 ab35.00 de80.00 hi
Lecanicillium lecanii, (CS-625)7.50 ab40.00 ef95.00 j12.50 abc55.00 g90.00 ij
L. lecanii, (V-4)5.00 ab32.50 de80.00 hi5.00 ab40.00 ef75.00 h
Tween2.50 a7.50 ab15.00 abc5.00 ab10.00 ab17.50 bc
  1. Values are means of four replications
  2. Means sharing common letters do not differ significantly (P = 0.05)