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Fig. 3

From: Induction of potato systemic resistance against the potato virus Y (PVYNTN), using crude filtrates of Streptomyces spp. under greenhouse conditions

Fig. 3

Real-time PCR output, showing different expression level of PR-1b gene after application of different SCF at 21 Days after virus inoculation (DAVI) against PVYNTN infection. Data is the amplification plot detected by real-time PCR output 7500(Applied Biosystems). The PCR was run for 40 cycles. CT value is the PCR cycle number at which the curve intersects the threshold (horizontal line), where fluorescence meets the threshold in the amplification plot. Undetected was considered negative result, cycle threshold Ct > 30 considered negative while, Ct < 30 considered positive result. Data were collected from the mean values of Ct of two replicated run by real time PCR and the whole experiment was conducted twice

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