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Table 2 Effect of three marine algal extracts on J2 mortality of Meloidogyne incognita under laboratory conditions

From: The nematicidal potentiality of some algal extracts and their role in enhancement the tomato defense genes against root knot - nematodes

Treatments J2 mortality (%) Exposure time (h)
12h 24h 48h
Control 8.40f 13.40f 14.60f
Corallina mediteranea mg/ml
 0.125 46.75de 18.40de 18.40de
 0.25 39.00e 14.80e 14.80e
 0.5 57.00cd 23.20cd 23.20cd
 1 85.00a 35.60a 35.60a
Corallina officinalis mg/ml
 0.125 41.50e 16.20e 16.20e
 0.25 60.25cd 24.60cd 24.60cd
 0.5 66.00bc 26.80bc 26.80bc
 1 68.00bc 27.60bc 27.60bc
Ulva fasciata mg/ml
 0.125 39.25e 15.40e 15.40e
 0.25 63.75c 25.60c 25.60c
 0.5 80.40ab 33.20ab 33.20ab
 1 85.00a 35.60a 35.60a
Oxamyl5μl/ml 40.00a 78.60a 95.60a
Mortality = [number of dead juveniles J2/ total number of juveniles J2] × 100
  1. Means followed by the same letter (s) are not significantly different by Duncan’s multiple range test (P ≤ 0.05)