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Table 8 Effect of HCN-producing rhizobacteria on growth parameters of tomato plants infected with of Agrobacterium tumefaciens and/or Meloidogyne incognita after 45 days of inoculation

From: Influence of hydrogen cyanide-producing rhizobacteria in controlling the crown gall and root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita

Treatment Pathogen growth parameters
Shoot length (cm) Shoot weight (g) Root length (cm) Root weight (g) Total fresh weight (g) Total dry weight (g)
P. japonica A. tumefaciens 58.4B-F 41.0ABC 28.2E-I 8.3E-I 49.3A-F 24.8AB
B. megaterium. 56.3C-G 46.5A 37.7A-D 12.6B-F 59.1A 22.5A-D
Pseudomonas sp. Gamma-81 52.5E-I 40.8ABC 30.5C-H 12.9B-E 53.7A-E 19.8A-E
P. tolaasii 51.7F-J 42.4ABC 39.3AB 14.0ABC 56.4ABC 23.5ABC
P. chlororaphis 61.8BCD 46.9A 43.8A 11.0B-H 57.9AB 25.6AB
P. mosselii 54.3D-H 43.1AB 39.0AB 18.0A 61.1A 27.2A
Control(+) 55.0C-G 38.1BCD 29.7D-H 14.8AB 52.9A-E 18.4B-F
Control(−) 37.8KL 11.2I 21.3IJ 4.0IJ 15.2 J K 6.8G
P. japonica M. incognita 58.8B-F 31.2DEF 34.3B-E 11.6B-G 42.8EFG 25.5AB
B. megaterium. 57.3C-F 34.7CDE 32.8B-G 9.5C-H 44.2D-G 21.0A-D
Pseudomonas sp. Gamma-81 43.7JKL 16.9HI 23.7HIJ 6.5HIJ 23.4IJK 11.5FG
P. tolaasii 60.5B-E 37.2B-E 32.2B-G 7.4GHI 44.6C-G 22.0A-D
P. chlororaphis 63.2ABC 30.1EF 34.5B-E 7.2G-J 37.3G-H 26.4A
P. mosselii 54.7D-G 26.5FG 29.0E –I 7.9F-I 34.4GHI 27.0A
Control(+) 45.5IJK 17.6H I 25.0G-J 6.7HIJ 24.3IJK 15.0DEF
Oxamyl 48.0G –J 20.1G H 28.9E-I 7.3G-J 27.4HI 16.0C-F
P. japonica A. tumefaciens and
M. incognita
71.0A 42.8AB 30.0C-H 12.9B-E 55.7A-D 26.8A
B. megaterium. 58.0B-F 30.8DEF 39.2AB 10.0B-H 40.8FG 18.5BF
Pseudomonas sp. Gamma-81 36.0L 11.0I 17.5J 2.5J 13.5K 5.5G
P. tolaasii 61.5BCD 39.4ABC 29.3E-I 13.2A-D 52.6A-F 20.0A-E
P. chlororaphis 65.8AB 36.2B-E 33.3B-F 8.6D-I 44.8C-G 18.1B -F
P. mosselii 57.0C-F 38.3BCD 29.0E-I 8.0F-I 46.3B -G 24.0A B
Control(+) 54.3D-H 36.5B-E 37.8ABC 9.7C-H 46.2B-G 18.0B-F
Control(−) 37.8KL 11.2I 21.3IJ 4.0IJ 15.2JK 6.8G
Healthy plants 46.0H-K 18.5H I 25.3F-J 7.0G-J 25.5HI 12.4EFG
  1. Means in the same column shared a letter are not significantly different (p ≤ 0.05)