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Table 6 Effect of six isolates of HCN-producing rhizobacteria on incidence of crown gall disease on tomato plants in the absence or presence of Meloidogyne incognita after 45 days of inoculation

From: Influence of hydrogen cyanide-producing rhizobacteria in controlling the crown gall and root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita

Rhizobacteria Incidence of crown gall disease
A. tumefaciens A. tumefaciens + M. incognita
Galls weight (g)/plant* Decreasing in galls weight %** No. of galls/plant*** Decreasing in no. of galls %**** Galls weight (g)/plant* Decreasing in gall weight %** No. of galls/plant*** Decreasing in no. of galls %****
P. japonica 0.00G 100.0A 0.0F 100.0 A 0.00G 100.0A 0.0F 100.0A
B. megaterium 0.05FG 92.1AB 0.4EF 93.3 AB 0.14DEF 80.2B 1.4DE 81.7BC
Pseudomonas sp. Gamma-81 0.00G 100.0A 0.0F 100.0A 0.00G 100.0A 0.0F 100.0A
P. tolaasii 0.24BCD 60.8CDE 2.4CD 56.0EF 0.25BC 64.8CD 2.6CD 62.5DE
P. chlororaphis 0.20CDE 67.0C 2.6CD 52.0EF 0.13EF 81.7B 1.8CD 73.9CD
P. mosselii 0.31BC 49.9E 2.8C 48.0F 0.33B 53.0DE 3.0C 57.0EF
Control(+) 0.61A 0.00F 5.4B 0.0G 0.71A 0.00F 7.0A 0.0G
Control(−) 0.00G 0.0F 0.00G 0.0F
Healthy plant 0.00G 0.0F 0.00G 0.0F
  1. Means in the columns which marked with*, **, *** or **** shared a letter are not significantly different (p ≤ 0.05)