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Table 1 Frequency of occurrence (FO%) of plant-parasitic nematodes associated with guava, Psidium guajava and fig, Ficus carica, at the beginning of the management experiments

From: Integrated management of plant-parasitic nematodes on guava and fig trees under tropical field conditions

Genus/species Frequency of occurrence (FO%)
Guava Fig
Hoplolaimus seinhorsti 24.1 13.0
Longidorus latocephalus 13.0 16.7
Meloidogyne javanica 57.4 53.7
Tylenchorhynchus mediterraneus 46.3 41.5
Xiphinema elongatum 5.0 8.9
  1. Frequency of occurrence (FO%) = (number of samples containing a species / number of collected samples) × 100