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Table 3 List of commercial products of fungal biocontrol agents used in the nematode management (data are collected by the authors and based on Askary and Martinelli (2015))

From: Fungal and bacterial nematicides in integrated nematode management strategies

Fungus Product Formulation Company/institution Country
Aspergillus niger Kalisena Soluble (liquid) concentrate Cadila Pharmaceutical Limited India
A. niger Kalisena Suspension concentrate for direct application Cadila Pharmaceutical Limited India
A. niger Beej Bandhu Wettable powder India
A. niger Pusa Mrida Wettable powder India
A. niger Kalasipahi Capsule India
Pochonia chlamydosporia KlamiC® Granulate Rothamsted Research and Centro Nacional de Sanidad Agropecuaria UK, Cuba
P. chlamydosporia PcMR-1 strain Liquid Clamitec, Myco solutions, Lda Portugal
P. chlamydosporia Xianchongbike Liquid Laboratory for Conservation and Utilization of Bio-resources, Yunnan University China
P. chlamydosporia IPP-21 Italy
Purpureocillium lilacinus BIOACT®WG Water-dispersible granulate Bayer Crop Science USA
P. lilacinus BIOACT®WP Water-dispersible powder Bayer Crop Science USA
P. lilacinus PL Gold Wettable powder BASF Worldwide, Becker Underwood South Africa
P. lilacinus Stanes Bio Nematon Liquid or powder Imported from T. Stanes and Company Limited, India, by Gaara company, Egypt India and Egypt
P. lilacinus PL 251 Water-dispersible granulate Biological Control Products South Africa
P. lilacinus BIOCON Wettable powder Asiatic Technologies Incorporation Philippines
P. lilacinus Shakti Paecil Wettable powder Shakti Biotech India
P. lilacinus PAECILO® Wettable powder Agri Life India
P. lilacinus Paecilon Liquid Enpro Bio Sciences Private Limited India
P. lilacinus Nematofree Wettable powder International Panaacea Limited India
P. lilacinus Gmax bioguard Talc based carrier Greenmax Agro Tech India
P. lilacinus Yorker Wettable powder Agriland Biotech India
P. lilacinus Miexianning Talc based carrier Agricultural Institute, Yunan Academy of Tobacco Science China
P. lilacinus Pl Plus® (P. lilacinus strain 251) Wettable powder Biological Control Products South Africa
P. lilacinus Melocon®WG Water-dispersible granulate Prophyta GmbH Certis Germany, USA
Trichoderma harzianum Romulus Wettable powder DagutatBiolab South Africa
T. harzianum ECOSOM® Wettable powder Agri Life India
T. harzianum Trichobiol Wettable powder Control Biologico Integrado; Mora Jaramillo Arturo Orlando—Biocontrol Columbia
T. harzianum Commander Fungicide Wettable powder H.T.C Impex Private Limited India
T. viride Trifesol Wettable powder Biocultivos Agricultura Sostenible Columbia