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Table 2 Influence of T. asperellum on tomato plant growth, yield, and control of bacterial wilt under field conditions during the year 2015

From: Evaluation of biological efficacy of Trichoderma asperellum against tomato bacterial wilt caused by Ralstonia solanacearum

Treatments Plant height (cm) Fresh weight (g) Dry weight (g) Stem growth (cm) No. of fruits/plant Yield (t/ha) Disease incidence (%)
Control 57.67d 57.78d 414.67h 409.57i 47.76cd 45.76cd 1.19e 1.16d 42.78h 44.54g 7.16c 6.87c 0a 0a
RS1 35.56b 34.65ab 160.56e 161.44ef 16.67a 13.43a 0.59d 0.43cd 14.45e 13.76e 1.56a 1.32a 87.34g 89.76f
RS2 34.45ab 35.45ab 158.67abc 156.38cd 15.54a 15.87a 0.48ab 0.54ab 15.45f 14.45f 1.49a 1.45a 88.34f 90.43g
RS3 35.58ab 33.36ab 163.43de 160.12d 15.34a 13.56a 0.46a 0.56abc 14.21e 13.43e 1.66a 1.32a 87.67ef 87.56f
RS4 37.43ab 36.87ab 159.98abc 157.87bc 16.92a 15.66a 0.54abc 0.43a 13.34de 12.87ab 1.57a 1.55a 87.45ef 85.44d
RS5 33.57a 32.69a 150.86cd 148.55d 15.25a 13.43a 0.46d 0.41abc 9.65ab 12.34e 1.38a 1.57a 89.48fg 87.57gh
RS6 33.76b 35.54b 154.78ab 154.66d 15.56a 16.33a 0.48bc 0.43a 14.34de 14.67de 1.47a 1.43a 86.87e 86.33g
RS7 34.54ab 37.12ab 156.45bc 159.34cd 15.87a 13.58a 0.53bc 0.47bc 9.98a 17.98f 1.47a 1.76a 88.66f 89.66g
RS8 34.87a 34.65ab 155.87ab 155.65ab 15.68a 14.65a 0.51abc 0.56abc 12.64cd 12.54abc 1.57a 1.69a 87.56ef 85.34d
RS9 35.56b 35.34b 155.57b 157.23bc 14.89a 13.82a 0.58bcd 0.45b 11.23bc 13.23cd 1.62a 1.54a 86.43f 87.87e
RS10 33.66ab 32.33ab 158.32abc 155.89b 15.98a 15.69a 0.59cd 0.54bc 12.78de 14.33e 1.57a 1.65a 88.89f 88.56ef
T4 75.23e 69.89ef 651.23i 632.66ij 46.56d 47.89cd 1.40f 1.27f 53.98ij 50.57i 7.39c 7.89c 0a 0a
T8 76.08e 68.76f 665.54j 672.27j 51.11d 49.43d 1.41f 1.41h 54.34j 49.33g 7.53c 8.12d 0a 0a
RS + T4 47.87c 46.88c 389.76f 378.78g 35.49b 31.27bc 1.17e 1.14h 39.12g 36.68h 6.67b 7.14cd 37.27c 39.71d
RS + T8 49.89cd 45.76cd 395.57g 381.91h 36.87b 32.62c 1.19e 1.12e 38.98g 38.43gh 6.89b 6.98bc 35.58b 38.67c
  1. Means of three replications, followed by the letters significantly different according to Duncan’s multiple range tests (DMRT). Values with different alphabetical (a–j) superscripts in a column significantly different (P ≤ 0.05)
  2. RS Ralstonia solanacearum, T4 and T8 T. asperellum isolates, BH Bhoomishettihalli, MH Madanahalli