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Table 3 Impact of certain bio-agents on technological characters as well as peroxidase (PO) and polyphenol oxidase (PPO) activities in roots of sugar beet var. Negma infected with Meloidogyne spp. under field conditions

From: The role of Bacillus megaterium and other bio-agents in controlling root-knot nematodes infecting sugar beet under field conditions

Treatments Sucrose % TSS % Purity % Δ Absorbance units/mg protein
PO activity PPO activity
NS 15.9g 20.5g 77.5f 0.298f 0.428f
HS 15.7h 20.3h 77.5f 0.307e 0.436e
BA 15.5i 20.1i 77.0g 0.315c 0.447c
DSBC 15.3j 19.9j 77.0g 0.311d 0.442d
O 16.1f 20.7f 77.9e 0.295g 0.425g
NS + HS 16.9b 21.6b 78.0d 0.275j 0.406j
NS + BA 16.7c 21.3d 78.6b 0.284h 0.419h
NS + DSBC 16.4e 20.9e 78.4c 0.281i 0.413i
NS + O 16.5d 21.0e 78.4c 0.266k 0.403k
NS + HS + BA 17.0a 21.5c 78.4c 0.259l 0.395l
NS + HS + BA + DSBC + O 17.1a 21.8a 79.0a 0.253m 0.391m
DSBL 15.2k 19.7k 77.0g 0.321b 0.453b
Untreated plants 15.0l 19.5l 76.9h 0.329a 0.458a
  1. Each value presented the mean of three replicates. Means in each column followed by the same letter(s) did not differ at P ≤ 0.05 according to Duncan’s multiple range test
  2. NS nemastrol, HS humisun, BA bio-arc (Bacillus megaterium), DSBC dried sweet basil callus, DSBL dried sweet basil leaf, O oxamyl, TSS total soluble solids