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Table 4 Economic values of the fecundity, between preying potential of the 3rd larval instar and the larval developmental period

From: A selection index of multiple quantitative traits of the predator Cryptolaemus montrouzieri (Mulsant) (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) through 12 inbreeding generations

Trait Vp √Vp REV b
Fec. 688.85 26.25 1 0.64
PPLI 9.37 3.06 8.58 3.5
LdP 3.42 1.85 14.18 4.75
  1. b economic value, Vp phenotypic variance, REV. relative economic values, Fec. Fecundity, PPLI preying potential of 3rd larval instar, LdP larval developmental period