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Table 2 Total production yield, bioagent costs, and cost benefits of sweet pepper when releasing the three predators, O. albidipennis, M. caliginosus, and A. swirskii, in the experimental tunnels during winter plantation of 2015–2016

From: Orius albidipennis (Rueter) as an effective biocontrol agent against Tetranychus urticae Koch on pepper crops in greenhouse in Egypt

Treatments Yield (kg) Production price (LE) Bioagent costs (LE) Cost benefits (LE)
Control 685.2 8565 8565
O. albidipennis 870.52 10,881.5 129.6 10,751.9
M. caliginosus 842.35 10,529.375 259.2 10,270.175
A. swirskii 881.22 11,015.25 345.6 10,669.65