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Table 1 List of species, collection sites, and GenBank accession numbers of COI

From: Molecular phylogeny and identification of the Egyptian wasps (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) based on COI mitochondrial gene sequences

Name Accession number Collection site Species
CU_1 MG736622 Giza (El-Mansoria) Vespa orientalis
CU_2 MG736623 Giza (Abo-Rawash) Vespa orientalis
CU_3 MG736624 Menofia (Ashmoon) Vespa orientalis
CU_4 MG736625 Menofia (Quesna) Vespa orientalis
CU_5 MG736626 El-Fayoum (El-Asfar) Vespa orientalis
CU_6 MG736627 El-Fayoum (Abo-Dawood) Vespa orientalis
CU_7 MG736628 Giza (El-Mansoria) Polistes bucharensis
CU_8 MG736629 Giza (Abo-Rawash) Polistes bucharensis
CU_9 MG736630 Menofia (Ashmoon) Polistes mongolicus
CU_10 MG736631 Menofia (Quesna) Polistes mongolicus
CU_11 MG736632 El-Fayoum (El-Asfar) Polistes bucharensis
CU_12 MG736633 El-Fayoum (Abo-Dawood) Polistes bucharensis
  1. CU Cairo University