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Fig. 1 | Egyptian Journal of Biological Pest Control

Fig. 1

From: Molecular phylogeny and identification of the Egyptian wasps (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) based on COI mitochondrial gene sequences

Fig. 1

Agarose gel showing polymerase chain reaction (PCR) results using DNA templates from different governorates with the primer sets LCO1490/HCO2198 for COI. M, marker (100 bp DNA Ladder RTU); Lanes CU_1 and CU_2 Vespa orientalis and CU_7 and CU_8 Polistes bucharensis collected from Giza; CU_3 and CU_4 Vespa orientalis and CU_9 and CU_10 Polistes mongolicus collected from Menofia. CU_5 and CU_6 Vespa orientalis and CU_11 and CU_12 Polistes bucharensis collected from Fayoum, respectively of the head of the adult individual

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