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Table 1 The list of fungal strains along with their respective GenBank accession number, and their identity score, that produce significant alignments with the query consensus sequence (CS) achieved from isolated Beauveria bassiana

From: Strain-specific identification of Beauveria bassiana isolated from a novel habitat, using rDNA-based sequence analogy

Accession no. Description Identity (%)
KJ155689.1 Periconiella loxsomatis voucher PDD:103330 99
KC920582.1 Isaria farinosa isolate YHIFXS-I001 99
HM135171.1 Paecilomyces hepiali strain SJL0909 99
EF026005.1 Lecanicillium lecanii strain ARSEF No. 6543 99
EF026003.1 Lecanicillium lecanii strain ARSEF No. 4075 99
AY283555.1 Beauveria bassiana strain CCFC225554 100
JF415979.1 Isaria farinosa voucher CBS 240.32 99
JN941381.1 Cordyceps brongniartii strain NBRC 101394 98
HQ591387.1 Cordyceps militaris strain BCRC33736 98
KC510278.1 Isaria farinosa strain STH3 98
AY184966.1 Cordyceps militaris strain OSC 93623 98
AF500907.1 Verticillium psalliotae strain CECT 20428 98
U17421.1 Lecanicillium lecanii strain ATCC 46578 98
JN941397.1 Cordyceps tuberculata strain NBRC 106956 98
AY283556.1 Lecanicillium lecanii strain CCFC226713 98