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Table 1 Effect of liquid formulation of B. subtilis (Bbv 57) on Gerbera cv. Palm Beach (yellow) under pot culture condition

From: Biocontrol of wilt-nematode complex infecting gerbera by Bacillus subtilis under protected cultivation

Treatments *Shoot length (cm) *Root length (cm) *Total no. of flowers/pl *Stalk length (cm) *Flower dia (cm) *Disc dia (cm) *Flower stalk girth (cm) *Total no. of normal flowers/pl *Total no. of bent neck flowers/pl *Vase life (days) Nematode population/250 cm3 soil Percent wilt incidence
T1 27.86c 33.76d 9.30e 39.00d 5.70e 1.33d 0.49b 8.53e 1.34a 8.56c 314.43e 26.30e (30.85)
T2 32.53b 38.46c 13.66d 42.90c 6.86d 2.46b 0.73a 13.66d 0.00b 9.43ab 285.01b 16.73ab (24.14)
T3 31.36b 33.40d 12.80d 43.76bc 6.53d 1.73c 0.76a 12.80d 0.00b 9.06bc 302.73d 23.67d (28.84)
T4 36.26a 48.36a 23.36a 49.70a 9.40a 2.73a 0.76a 23.36a 0.00b 9.97a 203.79a 15.33a (23.04)
T5 32.43b 44.53b 18.50b 45.80bc 8.00c 2.73a 0.49b 18.50b 1.32a 8.86bc 291.13c 20.83c (27.15)
T6 32.80b 49.23a 16.66c 46.53b 8.86b 2.40b 0.47b 16.67c 0.00b 9.46ab 281.73b 18.36b (25.36)
T7 25.23d 34.43d 7.90f 36.33d 6.73d 1.76c 0.37c 7.90e 0.00b 6.73d 715.01f 56.63f (48.81)
SE (d) 0.85 1.16 0.42 1.19 0.21 0.06 0.01 0.41 0.02 0.24 12.09 0.93
  1. In a column, means followed by a common superscript letter are not significantly different at 5% level by DMRT. Values in the parentheses are arcsine transformed values
  2. *Mean of three replications