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Table 3 Effect of S. cerealella eggs sprayed with cypermethrin and the mixture of Cry1Ac and Cry 2Ab on the larval mortality of C. carnea

From: Potential impact of host pest fed on Bt-modified corn on the development of Chrysoperla carnea (Stephens) (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae)

Treatments Concentrations Mean no. of mortality % Corrected mortality
Cry1Ac + Cry 2Ab 4 μg/ml 0.5a 2.50
8 μg/ml 1.0a 5.00
Cypermethrin 2 mg/ml 2.2b 10.83
  1. A number of twenty sprayed eggs of S. cerealella pest were kept in each replicate. Three replicates were used/ each concentration. The mixture of Bt Cry1Ac and Cry 2Ab was compared to cypermethrin (positive control) and dH2O (negative control)
  2. a, bInsignificant difference between similar letter using Fischer Exact Probability test at P < 0.05