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Table 1 Additives for compatibility studies of B. bassiana

From: In vitro evaluation for compatibility of additives with Beauveria bassiana (Balsamo) Vuillemin

Tr. Code Category Treatments Importance References
T1 Wetting agents and Emulsifiers Tween-20 Help to rehydrate spores stored dry and to disperse clumps Burges (2012)
T2 Tween-40
T3 Tween-60
T4 Tween-80
T5 Triton-X
T6 Humectants’ Glycerol Delays the evaporation of the liquid and favors spore germination Kubicek and Druzhinina (2007)
T7 Desiccants Kaolite Regulate water availability to microorganisms and help in absorption of harmful metabolic by-products Onions (1971)
T8 Silica gel
T9 Oils Sunflower oil Improve spore survival and reduce sensitivity to UV radiations Mishra et al. (2013)
T10 Neem oil
T11 Pongamia oil
T12 Detergent carrier Carboxylmethyl cellulose (CMC) Enhances the ability of B. bassiana to reduce cellulolytic enzymes Petlamul et al. (2017)
T13 Control