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Table 10 Comparison of different growth parameters values: shoot and root heights (cm), shoot and root fresh weights (g), and shoot of root dry weights (g) recorded by melon seedlings inoculated by two F. solani f. sp. cucurbitae isolates (FSC 5 and FSC 2) and two F. oxysporum f. sp. melonis isolates (FOM) and treated curatively by three Trichoderma spp. isolates and A. flavus

From: Evaluation of the efficiency of Trichoderma, Penicillium, and Aspergillus species as biological control agents against four soil-borne fungi of melon and watermelon

Pathogens Treatments Growth parameters
TH (cm)a RH (cm)a TFW (g)a RFW (g)a TDW (g)a RDW (g)a
FSC5 T. erinaceum 37.00abb 16.70a 7.31a 0.46a 1.36b 0.18a
T. viride 39.50a 14.90abc 6.99a 0.38ab 1.34b 0.12cdef
T. helicum 38.00a 11.20ef 5.14b 0.28bcde 1.00c 0.13cde
A. flavus 37.80a 14.10bcd 4.85b 0.27bcde 1.23b 0.17ab
FSC5 15.43g 11.00ef 3.78cde 0.21de 0.22g 0.08f0
FSC2 T. erinaceum 32.90c 16.70a 5.26b 0.34bc 1.39b 0.18a
T. viride 31.60c 15.50ab 7.36a 0.34bc 1.65a 0.15abc
T. helicum 30.90cd 14.80abc 5.23b 0.27bcde 1.36b 0.15abcd
A. flavus 33.70bc 16.60a 4.56bc 0.29bcd 1.28b 0.13bcd
FSC2 24.70ef 11.00ef 2.40f 0.17e 0.60de 0.09ef
FOM T. erinaceum 22.50f 15.10ab 3.37def 0.23cde 0.51ef 0.09ef
T. viride 25.80ef 12.90cde 4.66bc 0.24cde 0.35fg 0.12cdef
T. helicum 25.00ef 13.60bcd 5.12b 0.26cde 0.53ef 0.13bcd
A. flavus 23.00f 15.30ab 4.35bcd 0.26bcde 0.29g 0.11def
FOM 15.30g 10.73f 3.28def 0.21de 0.23g 0.08f
Control   27.80de 12.50def 12.50def 0.22de 0.75d 0.17ab
P valueb   > 0.05 > 0.05 > 0.05 > 0.05 > 0.05 > 0.05
  1. aShoot and root height (cm), shoot and root fresh weight (g), shoot of root dry weight (g), mean of three replicates (5 plants/replicate)
  2. bDuncan’s multiple range test: means followed by different letters are significantly different at P ≤ 0.05