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Table 4 Commercial formulations registered in Indian market

From: Utilization of biopesticides as sustainable solutions for management of pests in legume crops: achievements and prospects

Biopesticides Registered formulations
Trichoderma viride 5% WP
T. harzianum 5%WP
T. harzianum + T. viride + T. virens 5% WP
Bt var. kurstaki serotype H3a, H3b (HD-1) 5% WP, 2.5% AS, 0.5% WP,
Bt var. kurstaki serotype H2a, 3b (NRD-12) 3.5% AS, WG
Bt var. galleriae 1.3% FC
Bt var. israeliensis serotype H14 Liquid and WP formulations, 5% AS, 12% AS
Bt sphaericus serotype H5a H5b 1.3% FC
B. sphaericus serotype B101
Verticilium lecanii 1.15% WP
Beauvaria bassiana 1.15% WP, 1.0% WP,1.15%SC
Metarhizium anisopliae var. acridum 1.15% WP
HaNPV 0.43% AS or 2.0% AS
Consortia of T. harzianum and B. thuringiensis 2%WP
T. harzianum (IIPRTh-1) 2%WP